Old Blackburnians Football Club 90 Years Anniversary

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Old Blackburnians Association Football Club

August 22nd - Oldham Hulmeians Res (Away) 4-4 D
August 26th - Horwich RMI (Home) 4-2 W
August 29th - Failsworth Dynamos Res (Home) 0-7 L
September 2nd - Bury GSOB Res (Away) 2-3 W
September 5th - Mostonians Res (Home) 3-4 L
September 9th - Hesketh Casuals (Away) 1-3 W
September 12th - Radcliffe Town (Home) 3-3 D
September 19th - Ashtonians (Away) 5-0 L
September 26th Old Boltonians Res (Home) 3-1 L
October 3rd Failsworth Dynamos (Away) 2-1 L
October 10th Oldham Hulmeians (Home) 2-5 L
August 22nd   - Farnworth Town Res (Away) 1-3   W
August 29th   - Horwich Victoria Res (Away) 2-1    L
September 5th   - Ainsworth Res (Home)  2-2    D
September 12th   - Wardle Res (Home)  4-2    W
September 26th   - Bolton Wyresdale Res (Away) 1-3   W
October 3rd   - Mostonians A (Away) 5-3   L
October 10th   Lymm (Home) 3-2   W

Squad and marks out of 10

Bradley Oliver 7- safe hands and the usual great distribution from hands and floor

Daniel Shut 8 – grew stronger as the game went on- well done 3rd son

Sam Dixon 7 – brings calm to the team and a good voice at the back.

Andrew Charnley 7 - he knows he gave a goal away but more than made up for it with a great header

Mark Feeney 7 - starting to form a good partnership with Charny and Strong as ever

Kieran Laskowski 6 – played him out of position 1st half but was better when he came back on in the2nd half

Will Ainsworth 7 – grew into the game and did well once we went to 4-4-2

Andre Veneziale 7 – probably nearer an 8 but his standards are very high, quality as usual.

Rick Mcguirty 6 – played out wide and up front but just wasn’t his day, plenty more to come from him

Jordan Fielding 6 – Like Rick, just didn’t happen but they can both score goals and be match winners

Elliot Guinan 7 – struggled in the 1st half but never gave up, better 2nd half and he scored a cracker!


Brad Langhorn 7 – been missed, not match fit but he’s a threat and back on the scoresheet

Matt Dewhurst 5 – only got the last 15 mins but definite signs he’s on the way back

Alex Boardman 5 – got last 10 mins but like Brad it’s great to have him back in the squad

Thanks to Paul Upton for winding the ref up even before we started the match by throwing the flag on the floor!!

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